Where’d you get your tampon?

Asked no one, ever—until now. See how coveted Cora can be.

Organic cotton tampons with plastic applicator

The Cora Tampon

  • Premium organic cotton
  • Fearless Fit for leak protection (even on white denim days)
  • BPA-free compact plastic applicator
  • Soft + Silent Wrappers

Little Black Clutch

  • Chic and conscious vegan leather keeps your supplies under wraps on the go
  • Holds a day’s worth of tampons so your purse or gym bag is always stocked
Cora tampon carrying case

Cora tampon storage container

Little Black Box

  • Holds one cycle’s tampons all in one place
  • Sleek and understated means your stash can come out from under the sink


  • Lipstick-sized cardboard capsules won’t get destroyed in your purse
  • Never be caught without a tampon again
  • Help a Woman Out—share with a friend
100% Organic cotton tampons