Say hello to the Happy Biome Wash and Wipes—aka the ultimate vulva mood lifter.

The Peace-of-Mind Pad

Ultra-thin, soft, and flexible—when that’s the opposite of how you’re feeling. These pads are made with a 100% organic cotton topsheet and provide up to 8 hours of leak protection.

Hear From Our Cora Community

Very absorbent and very thin? Very, very impressed!

Brianna N.

Is it possible to be in love with your period products? The answer is yes!

Jeanine H.

The engineering geniuses who created these pads deserve an award!

Allison D.

What people are saying

Cora’s got you covered, however you flow.

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No more “oh sheet” moments.

Find Your Flow

Every body flows differently, so our different pad options have you covered:

Regular: Best for daytime use. Up to 8 hours of leak protection.

Super: Best for daytime use and heavier flows. Up to 8 hours of leak protection.

Overnight: Best for nighttime use, with extra coverage in the back and longer wings. Up to 10 hours of leak protection. 

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From shelf to screen, we’re easy to find wherever you shop. 

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