Flow. Move. Groove—shop the new Made-To-Move pad with a contoured fit that’s light and form-hugging.

The Made-to-Move Pad

Period pads with elevated sides for a You-Shaped™ fit that’s contoured to your every curve, twist, and turn—protecting against leaks and bunching as you move. Also available at Target.

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The pad that stays put so you don’t have to.

“Wore this pad while working where I am constantly moving and it didn’t leak or feel like a diaper.”

—Made-To-Move Pad user

“This pad felt like I wasn’t even wearing one.”

—Made-To-Move Pad user

“This pad held up against heavy leaks.”

—Made-To-Move Pad user

“I was so pleased and surprised by how comfortable this pad was! It almost felt like part of my underwear.”

—Made-To-Move Pad user

“I often have issues with bunching. I would wear pads more often during the day, but I hate bunching. This one stayed in place.”

—Made-To-Move Pad user

“This pad stayed in place it did not move even while exercising!”

—Made-To-Move Pad user

What people are saying

Cora’s got you covered, however you flow.

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The pad so contoured you might forget you’re wearing one.

Feel the freedom, not the pad.

Level up your period with elevated sides for a custom, contoured fit that stays close to your body as you move, keeping you dry and worry-free.

Thin profile, max absorbency

The Made-To-Move Pad comes in two sizes that contour to your body so you can move without the mess.

Period tested. Movement approved.

We tested our new Made-To-Move pad with real people having real periods. Over 8-out-of-10 users agreed that the pad:

  • Stayed in place
  • Elevated sides were comfortable
  • Protected against leaks as I moved
  • Did not rub or chafe
  • Felt soft while wearing