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We love press. Every Cora mention is proof that society can discuss the female body in a healthy and productive way.
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"Millennial-inspired branding, a soothing unboxing experience and a general ease of access to its products."

Cora's Hybrid Pad receives an honorable mention in the impressive list of World Changing Ideas.

"These 100% certified organic tampons are non-GMO, and free of pesticides, chlorine, fragrance, and toxins."

"Cora’s social impact programs have brought meaningful work, health education and access to crucial self-care products to girls and women in underserved areas of India and Kenya."

"What’s more, these pantyliners are biodegradable and have soft wrappers, which don’t make any noise for when you’d like to be discreet in a public bathroom."

"However, with its online publication Blood and Milk, and its gold tampon necklace, Cora has made its own efforts to de-stigmatize the conversation about periods beyond producing period products."

"Cora's new period liners and pads are the menstrual hygiene products of the future."

"Cora has become a leader in the period movement."

"Where others might simply see that “time of the month,” Molly Hayward says she sees a mission."