The Soft Fit Disc

Comes with a how-to guide and cotton carry pouch.

Reusable period disc with a gentle, flexible form. Cloud-like softness, a cinch to remove, and up to 12 hours of leak protection. The ideal disc if you have vaginal or bladder sensitivities.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is the Soft Fit Disc different from the original version of the Cora disc (Perfect FIt)?

The Soft Fit Disc is the same best-selling design as our Perfect Fit disc, now with softer, more flexible silicone. This disc was designed for those who have vaginal or bladder sensitivities or have experienced discomfort with firmer discs or cups.

Can I wear the Disc during sex?

Yes, the Disc allows for mess-free period sex but is not a substitute for contraception and does not protect against STDs

Is the Disc safe to wear with an IUD?

While some Cora Disc users have an IUD, we recommend checking in with your doctor. Like any internal product, such as cups and discs, there's always a slight risk of your IUD strings getting caught and your doctor can advise on your specific IUD & anatomy. Your doctor can also advise on whether your IUD strings need to be trimmed to be shorter.

I saw blood in the toilet when I used the restroom. Is my disc leaking?

Discs have the added benefit of "self emptying" without having to remove the disc, which is ideal for women with heavier flows. Self emptying occurs when you relax your pelvic floor muscles, similar to a bowel movement, so it is completly normal to see blood in the toilet. To ensure your disc is properly back in place, use a clean finger to tuck back into place. You can also do a few kegels to ensure it is back in place.

Is the Soft Disc a better choice for a younger person who has just started getting their period?

This disc was designed for those who have vaginal or bladder sensitivities or have experienced discomfort with firmer discs or cups. If you haven’t experienced sensitivities, we recommend starting with the Perfect Fit disc. All bodies are unique so ultimately it will come down to personal preference! If you have any issues or questions, our customer service team is here to help you find the right option for your body.

How much does the Disc hold?

Both the Perfect Fit & Soft Fit Disc have 47.5ml capacity which is equivalent to 5-7 regular tampons. Both discs have a diameter 65mm and can last up to 10 years, with proper cleaning and storage care.

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Let’s Disc-uss your period comfort.

We know trying the disc can feel intimidating, so here’s a rundown of everything you need to know to get comfortable:
How to Use

First Things First
To ensure your disc functions properly, sanitize it before use by boiling it in water for 5-7 minutes. 

Squeeze the disc to form a figure 8. Sit, squat, or raise one leg. Guide the back rim of the disc into your vagina. 

With that same index finger, tuck the front rim up and behind the pubic bone to position the disc. 

Relax your pelvic muscles and bear down like you are having a bowel movement. Hook your index finger under the front rim of the disc and gently slide the disc out. 

For more information about how to use your disc, please visit our disc resources page.

Choosing Cup vs. Disc

The Disc and Cup have a lot in common- choosing between the two is up to you. Here are a few key distinctions:

ooCollects blood vs. absorbing it, reducing dryness and irritation

oSits at the base of your cervix, where size is more universal (one size fits most)

oCan be worn during sex

oSelf-emptying (when using the bathroom)
Uses suction to seal

How to Clean

Follow these simple steps to ensure your disc is cleaned properly. Thorough cleaning will allow you to get the most out of your disc, and keep it working properly so you can use it for period after period.

  1. Sanitize your disc between each cycle by boiling it in water for 5-7 minutes. 
  2. After each use wash your disc and hands. 
  3. The Cora Cup & Disc Cleanse is a great pH-balanced option to clean your disc. Always dry your disc completely before placing it in the case.

Auto Dumping 101

Auto dumping, AKA “self-emptying”, happens when your pelvic floor muscles contract and the disc moves out of place momentarily, causing excess blood to empty out into the toilet.
How do I auto dump?

Not all users experience auto dumping but for those who do, it can be a great benefit that is unique to using a menstrual disc. Auto dumping (also known as “self-emptying”) occurs when the pelvic floor muscles contract, causing the rim of your disc to momentarily move out of place, allowing excess blood to spill into the toilet. When properly inserted, a disc sits in the fornix and stays in place due to the tucking behind the pubic bone. Since every body is different, everyone's experiences with self-emptying can vary but if you find yourself being able to self empty, then it is an added bonus to discs! Self emptying essentially occurs when the disc untucks itself from behind the pubic bone. You can self empty by bearing down while using the bathroom. What is 'bearing down' you might ask? It is essentially the same movement you do with your muscles down there when you are trying to poop. By bearing down, your disc gets pushed out a bit, causing it to untuck from the pubic bone. This untucking is what allows fluid to spill over into the toilet due to the angle.

How do I prevent self-emptying when doing rigorous activity?

This is a great question! When the Cora Disc is inserted correctly and tucked behind your pubic bone, it should not leak. If you are having a heavier flow day or worried about leaking, we recommend emptying your disc before exercise. For added peace of mind, you may also choose to wear period underwear or a liner as backup.

How do I get the disc back into place after auto dumping?

Once you have emptied some of the content, some users find that the disc pops back into place on its own or by doing 1-2 kegels. Kegels lead to the muscles pushing the disc back up on its own. However, if you are new to self-emptying or want additional peace of mind, we also recommend inserting a finger to ensure it is properly tucked back into place. If you prefer inserting a finger, we recommend taking in a Cora wipe with you to clean off any excess fluid off your hand.

Can you auto dump when you laugh or sneeze?

Always be sure your Cora disc is properly inserted by inserting it as far up as possible and then tucking it behind your pubic bone. You should never experience your disc leaking during the day-to-day or feel like it is slipping down your vaginal canal. Leaks are something we never want you to experience but sometimes a leak can happen here or there if you have a strong cough or sneeze which may cause you to bear down and therefore untuck your disc. Our Perfect Fit disc has a firm rim that is ideal for staying tucked into place, even during rigorous activity. We recommend using a liner or period underwear as backup for added peace of mind.

Fit for the cervix-sensitive.

A beginner’s best friend

Looking to try something new? The easy-to-use Cora Disc is a game changer.

Absorbency Details

How much can a Cora Disc hold?

  • Our disc's high capacity of 47.5 mL, which is the equivalent of ~5-7 regular tampons, means longer wear time. The disc also self-empties without being removed when you use the bathroom.
  • Perfect for light or heavy flows
  • Wear up to 12 hours, use up to 10 years.

Soft Fit or Perfect Fit?

Here’s a breakdown of the Soft Fit vs the Perfect Fit Disc, so you can choose what’s right for you: 

Looking for a firmer disc? Check out our Perfect Fit Disc.