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Receive your custom period plan and our Signature Kit with refills every three months.



For every month’s supply you purchase, we give a month’s supply to a girl in need.

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cora x phenomenal woman

equality, period.

Join us in raising funds to support GirlUP, He for She, and ZanaAfrica, who are fighting for women’s equality everywhere.

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cora x zana africa foundation

cora fearless necklace

Carries a single applicator free tampon and provides a year of pads to a girl in Kenya.

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What Women are saying

If it’s possible to make a woman’s period chic I think they’ve done it. And I get to help women around the world by purchasing these great products!

- kaitlyn t.

I love the branding, I love the packaging, the sleek little hide-away box and all the single “stowaway” tampons! I have been so impressed.


What really made me try Cora was the give back to other women around the world. But after trying, not only do I love that aspect but I LOVE the product.

- erin C.