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How it works

Organic and natural body care, delivered to your door.

1. Customize

Explore Cora’s wide selection of products and tailor your order to your needs. Sign up for a subscription for extra savings. 

2. Receive

If you subscribe, you’ll receive your first three month supply of your plan. After that, refills are shipped to you every three months.

3. Give

For every purchase, Cora gives health education and pads to a girl in India, Kenya or the United States.

Your Body.
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A better period, every month. Premium goods inspired by the badass women who wear them.

Best Sellers

Organic Cotton Tampons

Starting at $10/month

Cora Disc

Starting at $30

Body Cloths

Starting at $9

“Besides being a more eco-friendly and cost-effective menstrual-care option, one of the biggest draws of using menstrual discs is that they supposedly allow for mess-free period sex.”

“The Cora Disc is so much lighter, slimmer, and more flexible than anything else I’ve tried. Its impact has been profound!”

“Reusables last about 10 years if you take care of them, so you’re just overall creating less waste,” according to Brush (Cora's VP of Innovation)

“Cora is dedicated to restructuring the narrative around topics like menstruation and postpartum, and providing better choices for women as they take care of themselves and their bodies."

“Since 2016, Cora has donated over 10 million pads and has helped provide reproductive health education to roughly 15,000 girls in Kenya and India.”

“Cora is available by subscription, and you can customize your order to how long your period typically lasts and how often you switch them out. Cheers to never running out of pads again!”

“Some girls have to miss school during their period every month because they can't afford pads. So when you use Cora, you're not only helping your body, but also the lives of girls around the world.”

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