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Our Ingredients

In an industry that has never been required to disclose its product’s ingredients or test their safety, we saw a better way: a commitment to health and transparency. Every Cora product is made with pure, ethically sourced ingredients. When you buy Cora, you are not only protecting your own health, but also workers’ health, human rights, and the environment.

better for your body

We believe what you put in your body matters, but most period brands don’t. We believe in pure, healthy, period care that protects you from more than just leaks. When we are empowered to take control of our bodies, we are empowered to take control of our futures.

Better for the environment

Conventional cotton is the dirtiest crop in the world. The pesticides and insecticides applied to conventional cotton contaminates water systems and soil, poisoning animals and destroying ecosystems and putting our health at risk. By using only 100% certified organic cotton, we eliminate the pesticides and insecticides that cause harm to the planet we love.

Better for farmers

Many conventional farms use child labor and expose workers to dangerous chemicals. Our organic cotton is certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). GOTS protects workers’ rights. They ensure that employment is voluntary, working conditions are safe, fair wages are paid, and no child labor is ever used.

GOTS certification

The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) is the worldwide leading standard for organic textiles like cotton. GOTS certification ensures our cotton is pure and ethically sourced and is made without chemical pesticides, forced labor, child labor, or unfair wages.

organic cotton conventional cotton
Seeds free of GMOs and pesticides. GMO seeds treated with pesticides.
Crop rotation promotes healthy soil.
Monoculture crops lead to intensive irrigation, and chemical fertilizers.
Promotes healthy soil. Pesticides are heavily sprayed.
Peroxide is used to safely whiten cotton.
Chlorine bleaching creates a toxic byproduct, dioxin, that is a danger to humans and the environment.
Warm water used with soda ash to purify cotton. Chemicals such as formaldehyde and synthetic surfactants are used with hot water.