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  • Organic tampon subscription 12 Tampons/month
    X 3 month supply
    = 26 Tampons
    + Free Signature Kit
  • Tampon storage container Little Black Box
  • tampon carrying case Little Black Clutch
  • organic cotton tampons Stowaways
  • + Free Shipping

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ships every 3 months

  • tampon delivery 12 Tampons/month
    X 3 month supply
    = 26 Tampons
  • organic tampon delivery+ More stowaways
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Receive your tailored supply of our premium organic tampons plus our Signature Kit, which includes a chic storage container, our vegan leather clutch, and tampons packaged to share.



Receive a three month supply of tampons delivered every three months, plus additional tampons packaged to share. Refill your clutch and storage container and never be caught without tampons again.

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