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We exist to empower women

From the very beginning, we’ve been dedicated to changing the experience of womanhood—for all women everywhere.

We use the power of business to fight for gender equality and provide products, education, and jobs to girls and women in need in developing nations and right here at home.

Global Impact

For every month’s supply of Cora you purchase, we help provide a month’s supply of pads and health education to a girl in need.

The Global Problem

The problem is millions of girls and women around the world stay home from school or work during their periods because they can’t afford menstrual supplies.

300 million

girls and women use rags, plastics, sand and ash to manage their periods

1 in 4

girls in India drops out of school once she reaches puberty


of Indian girls and women cannot afford menstrual supplies


decrease in dropout rate when girls have access to menstrual supplies


20.5937° N, 78.9629° E

In India we partner with Aakar Innovations, a social enterprise producing affordable and environmentally sustainable sanitary pads for India’s most vulnerable girls and women. Aakar empowers local female entrepreneurs to set up and run mini-factories that manufacture the pads, providing jobs to women who would otherwise be unemployed or employed in the sex trade. These mini-factories support the local economy and create a supply of pads in areas where menstrual products would otherwise be inaccessible.
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0.0236° S, 37.9062° E

In Kenya we partner with ZanaAfrica Foundation which helps adolescent girls in Kenya stay in school by delivering reproductive health education and sanitary pads. Zana is now conducting a study involving more than 5,000 adolescent girls in 140 primary schools in Kilifi, Kenya, to determine whether providing girls with reproductive health education and menstrual hygiene products positively impacts their education and well-being. For every month’s supply of Cora you purchase at Target, Cora gives a percentage of profits to support Zana’s work to empower girls in Kenya.
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Domestic Impact

Here in the U.S. our commitment is the same; elevate women through education, economic empowerment, and access to period care.

The U.S. Problem

We recognize the continuing struggle of women in the U.S. for equality and are dedicated to doing whatever we can to change that.

25 million

women in the U.S. live below the poverty line without consistent access to period products


of the women Cora helps to employ in the U.S. have experienced domestic violence or sexual assault


states still tax tampons and other mentrual products as non-essentials

Nearly 25 million women in the U.S. live below the poverty line, yet menstrual products are not covered by food stamps. Cora has partnered with non-profits across the country to provide period products to girls and women in need right here at home.

Women rebuilding from homelessness, addiction, and incarceration have a harder time finding job training and employment. Cora proudly partners with Mile High Workshop, an employment and job training program for those rebuilding from homelessness, addictions, and incarceration, in order to empower more women right here at home. The women of Mile High Workshop pack and ship all of Cora’s products with love from Denver.

In the majority of U.S. states, menstrual products continue to be taxed as a luxury, further perpetuating economic inequality between men and women.

As a sign of protest against this unjust and sexist tax, Cora pays the sales tax on all products sold through our website for all of our customers, because we believe you shouldn't have to.
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We are part of a community of more than 1000 companies across 60 industries with one unifying goal: redefining success in business. We meet rigorous standards of performance, accountability, and transparency, and are using the power of business to alleviate poverty, address climate changes, and build strong local communities and great places to work.