The Happy Biome Wash

Made with postbiotics.

Fragrance-free, pH balanced wash designed for sensitive skin. Packed with powerful postbiotics to gently cleanse, boost hydration, and maintain vulva microbiome balance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the postbiotics actually doing?

The postbiotic used in The Happy Biome Wash is derived from Lactobacillus, a bacteria naturally found on the vulva that helps maintain a low pH. This postbiotic nourishes these good bacteria for a balanced vulva microbiome and happy vulva vibes.

Does this wash have a scent?

The Happy Biome Wash is made without any added fragrance including perfumes, essential oils or extracts. You may find that wash itself has a very light scent due to the natural scents of the cleansing and hydrating ingredients.

Do I use this along with my regular soap or body wash?

Absolutely! The Happy Biome Wash is designed to be a gentle daily cleanser for the sensitive vulva area and can be added to your regular shower routine. It can be used alone or along with your favorite soap or body wash used on the rest of your body.

Can I use the wash on other parts of my body?

Although we formulated The Happy Biome Wash specifically for the needs of the sensitive vulva area, you can also use it all over the body as a gentle and hydrating cleanser. Our wash is dermatologist and gynecologist tested and is safe for daily use on sensitive skin, anywhere.

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No Microbiome-Disrupting Ingredients

Soaps, body washes, and intimate washes are effective at removing bacteria, but can contain drying cleansers and fragrances that disrupt your vulva skin microbiome. The Happy Biome Wash is the first postbiotic-powered intimate wash designed to cleanse, boost hydration, & balance the vulva microbiome.

A postbiotic made from Lactobacillus, a bacteria naturally found in the vagina and vulva. Lactobacillus produces lactic acid to help maintain a low vulva pH and nourish the good bacteria. Postbiotics are clinically proven to support the skin microbiome.

Lactic Acid

An acid produced by the bacteria Lactobacillus, the “good bacteria” naturally found on the vulva and responsible for maintaining a low pH to support a happy and healthy vulva.

Hyaluronic acid, glycerin and sunflower seed oil

Ingredients that hydrate and protect the vulva skin barrier.

Ja Nais Se Quench

A little goes a long way! Apply a small amount to wet skin and rinse thoroughly. Our formula is designed to be low lather and may be a bit thinner than other washes. This is because we don't use foaming agents, which can be drying or irritating to skin, or unnecessary thickeners.

Balance Inside and Out

Our Happy Biome collection is the first set of postbiotic-powered intimate products designed to balance the microbiome, inside and out. Pair our gentle, hydrating wash with cleansing wipes and boric acid suppositories to promote pH balance and nourish your good bacteria.

Gently Cleansing Vulvas Everywhere

The Happy Biome Wash can be added to your everyday routine to gently cleanse your vulva. Try using it:

  • As part of your daily shower routine
  • After exercise
  • After sex
  • During your period