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Fearless. Period.

You have a period, we have a mission: to make it toxin-free, worry-free and full of purpose.



A modern method for managing your period.

a better tampon

100% premium organic cotton with BPA-free plastic applicators

sophisticated accessories 

that match your period to your lifestyle

delivered to your door

to simplify your busy life

The Cora Custom Subscription

Tailored to your flow. Delivered to your door.

Tailor Your Subscription

Based on your needs

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“I just received my package and am blown away by all the attention to detail. So excited about this company, and to share its awesome mission with all my friends and family.”

- Noelle O. 

Beyond Tampons

Our world goes way beyond the flow. 

“I just received my first box and had to let you know how impressed I am! What a beautiful, sophisticated style. I'm so proud to be supporting such a wonderful company who's having such a huge impact on girls around the world!”

- Shelby L.