bikini Period underwear is back in stock- 3 packs and 5 packs are 50% off!

The Comfort Fit Tampon Bundle

Period Storage + Applicator Tampons

Period care, accessorized. Includes an applicator tampon multipack (5 Light + 6 Regular + 5 Super) plus a tampon storage box and clutch. Save 10% when you bundle.

Period Care Access for All

With every Cora purchase you make, we provide period products and body literacy resources to people who might otherwise go without–because every body deserves comfort.

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Hear From Our Cora Community

I love Cora's products! I've been using their tampons and pads for over a year now. They are conveniently delivered and are comfortable and easy to use. I like knowing they are not full of chemicals and are more sustainable!

Kelly P.

These are the first organic tampons I've used, and they have changed my periods. The tampons themselves are durable and absorbent. I haven't had any breakage in the string, or debris left behind. Overall, I think these are great and totally recommend them.

Kristy F.

I just can’t say enough. I love the fact that I know what I am putting into my body plus the fact everything is so beautiful. And best of all I am giving back to girls all at the same time.

Tiffany T.

What People Are Saying

Cora’s got you covered, however you flow.

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The Comfort Fit Tampon Bundle

Period care, accessorized.
Applicator Tampons

This bundle includes Light, Regular, and Super tampons because every body flows differently.

Easy In, Easy Out
Simple insertion and comfortable removal. 

Organic Cotton Core
Made with organic cotton–because what you put in your body matters. 

Expands and Protects
Gently expands for a worry-free fit and reliable leak protection.

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Storage Box & Clutch

Period Care Storage kits are a stylish and convenient way to store your period products. This chic vegan clutch and black box level up your bathroom organization.

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