bikini Period underwear is back in stock- 3 packs and 5 packs are 50% off!

The Period Care Storage

A vegan leather clutch to stylishly store your menstrual cup and menstrual disc.

Please note that the cup and disc are sold separately. Click here to purchase these items for your clutch!

Hear From Our Cora Community

The kit actually helped me feel more elegant and organized and easy-going about getting my period.

Alexandra C.

This makes traveling with my Cora Disc much more organized and sleek!

Anna F

The kit is amazing and sleek.

Kelsey J

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Your body changes from day to day. And so do the ways to care for it.

Period Care, Accessorized.

The Cora Clutch is the storage solution for your Cora Cup or Cora Disc for between wears.