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Monthly Membership: Tampons + Luxe Kit

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Periods can be a hallelujah moment or a downright drag. Sometimes, even the slightest bit of indulgence and self-care can lift your spirit at that time each month.

Our pure products and convenient monthly delivery will not only delight you, it will make your period management healthy and simple (and actually kind of chic and sexy too).

For just $15/month, your membership includes:

  • 18 High-Performing Organic Tampons (Monthly Delivery)

Our tampons are made of 100% pure organic cotton, meaning they contain no synthetic materials and are not contaminated with pesticides or other toxic chemical residues. Because what's inside you matters. Select your custom combination of regular and super absorbency tampons to be delivered to you monthly.

  • 2 Individually Packaged Tampons for Stashing or Sharing with Friends (Monthly Delivery)

These sweet little tubes contain a single tampon for a friend. Pass it to her over the brunch table, or under the stall door. Either way, a righteous tampon with a story is worth sharing (and this tribe is all about giving).

  • An Elegant Home/Office Storage Box (First Delivery) 

A tampon box you'll be proud to display in your bathroom--even though you'll be the only one who knows what's inside. Our beautiful restockable box is like a home-decor accessory providing style and discretion at home or at the office.

  • A Chic Leather Clutch that Holds a Day's Worth of Tampons (First Delivery)

We think that just because it's for toting tampons, doesn't mean it can't be on par with your style and standards in the other parts of your life. No more loose tampons at the bottom of your bag, or worse, discovering you don't have any with you. This classic and luxurious accessory fits naturally into the metropolitan lifestyle. You'll wonder how you ever left home without it.

  • A Month's Supply of Pads Given to a Girl in Need on Your Behalf (Monthly Giving)
Every time we ship your monthly supply of tampons, we give a month's supply of sustainable pads to a girl in need so she can stay in school during her period. We're good for your body, and good for the world.


P.S. Don't forget to select your custom combination of tampons above before checking out!