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Made with essential oils to ease period tension and discomfort.

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Hear From Our Cora Community

Great new product. Smells great, rolls on easy and helped my cramps. Works great paired with the heat relief pads.

Brooke S.

The texture and smell are amazing for me. Also I love how I can use it anytime and anywhere.

Shirley W.

I love this roll-on balm! I also use it for muscle aches post-workout. Great scent!

Jen K.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take for the Period Balm to work?

Results may vary, but typically you should feel the balm warming the skin immediately. If the warming sensation is taking longer to present, apply the product after the shower or bath when the skin is slightly damp.

How warm does the balm get?

Our Period Balm doesn't use thermal heat, so it is not measured via a specific temperature. The warming sensation depends on your skin's sensitivity, but most will feel a moderate level of warmth on the skin that builds over time. If your skin feels hot, do not apply more of the balm.

Will this stain my clothes?

We recommend rubbing it into the skin thoroughly to avoid staining clothes. You can also do a "patch test" to assess how much you need to rub the Period Balm into the skin to prevent residue.

Should I use this before my period starts?

Yes! Applying Period Balm daily ahead of your period can be helpful in easing the tension you may get at the start of your period.

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How To Use Your Period Balm

Use the mess-free roller stick to apply to your lower abdomen two to three times daily. For best results we recommend using the product daily.

The balm should only be used externally, and if you have sensitive skin, test the balm on a small area first. If skin irritation occurs you should stop using it immediately.