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The first day of your period is day one of your cycle.
Here, it's the beginning of better — body and soul.

Need a Tampon? There’s a Subscription Box for That

Spin class. Lunch with colleagues. Weekly date nights. Back-to-back meetings. A birthday party. That volunteer thing you totally forgot you signed up for. If you checked your calendar right now, you’d likely find some variation of this schedule staring you in the face. Add to this your commitment to buying sustainable, organic everything—food, makeup, tampons—and you’re basically Superwoman, with a way better outfit.

Or, to be more accurate, simply the modern woman.

Because this is what women do. We live in a world where women can choose—stay-at-home mom, career warrior, or both? It’s up to you. We’re feminists in our own unique ways, conscious consumers, hustlers. We’re career-driven and family-focused, all without missing a beat. It’s just who we are now. And let’s be real, we love it (most of the time). Call it ambition or call it necessity, the reality is that you’d be hard-pressed to find a woman who isn’t performing a Cirque du Soleil-style juggling act with the many areas of her life. It’s the new age of womanhood.

As women take on more opportunities, responsibilities, and commitments, our need for work-life balance has grown exponentially. While this coveted balance is said to be a myth, it’s something that generation after generation of women seek relentlessly. We want to know how we can effectively and efficiently slay our careers, spend quality time with our families and friends, and nurture ourselves to be our healthiest and happiest—without having to sacrifice one part of our life for another. We believe that we can and should have it all, so we search out ways to do this that won’t leave us burnt out.

This quest for balance has turned us into superfans of convenience, spurring a whole range of brands that do the tasks we just don’t have time for. Working too late to go to the grocery store? Order Instacart. Just found out your work bestie’s birthday is today? Amazon 2-Hour Delivery has you covered. Run out of tampons? Not if you get them delivered right to your front door!  

Wait a second... tampon delivery? Yes! It’s 2016 and you can get practically anything delivered to you. Over the past several years, we’ve seen explosive growth of monthly subscription boxes for just about any product. These curated boxes run the gamut from fitness to personal care to clothing and have completed disrupted the way we shop. A fascinating part of this new trend is how it’s come to represent the values of modern women. It’s a type of consumerism that offers convenience without sacrificing quality, gives you options without leaving you overwhelmed, and indulges you an experience that enhances your life.

The Rise of Tampon Subscription Boxes

Subscription boxes come in all different shapes and sizes. Today, there is now a box for almost every possible need and interest—from bite-sized beauty subscription boxes like Birchbox, which helped start the whole revolution in 2010, to full-sized fitness boxes like FabFitFun. It’s a trend that has gained more and more traction and provided us with more convenient options than ever before.

But it’s not just curated frivolities that make for the best subscription boxes. Period subscription boxes have seen exponential growth in the last few years, in part because it’s a product that many women know they will need every month. The fact that tampon-delivery services exist in the first place is proof that convenience is high on our list of values. For some women, it may be a case of avoidance—not having to go to the store every month to scan the dozens of available tampon options (most of which are full of harmful chemicals) and make a choice based on the limited information we’re presented with. But for many, it’s more about convenience, allowing us to create space and ease in our often busy and complex lives.

However, having tampons delivered isn’t about not having to go and buy tampons. It’s about being able to buy them in a way that fits seamlessly into your lifestyle. Bottom line: Having something like tampons—a basic monthly necessity—delivered to your door monthly, every three months, or every six months can make your life easier. When your life is easier, you get to focus more on the things you love and less on the annoyances that distract you from your priorities. Your period is enough of annoyance; buying tampons shouldn’t be.

The Proof That We Want (Quality) Options

Part of the reason that monthly boxes for women are so popular is that we desire options—quality options that allow us to make purchasing decisions based on our values. Because what we spend our money on is a clear indicator of what we value.

Too many choices, however, can leave us utterly overwhelmed. Tampon shopping is the perfect example. Which brand do you choose? Scented or not? Super? Super plus? Regular? Organic tampons or conventional ones? Delivery or in-store purchases? These are only some of the options we’re faced with when making buying decisions. Other options might include:

The list of possible options could go on and on. You can practically select any combination of priorities and find a brand that will meet your needs. When it comes to tampon-delivery services, especially, there’s a real need for customization. While one woman may get a light flow every 28 days, another may bleed heavily every 35. Where one woman needs six tampons per period, her friend may need 18. Most tampon companies fail in this department. They offer up pre-packaged boxes of set quantities and you just have to make it work for you. Tampon-delivery services, like Cora, have honed in on the need for women to be able to pick and choose from a variety of options that will work the best for them.

Part of Cora’s mission is to provide these options and to make the decision-making process that much easier. By taking the guesswork out of things like choosing between organic tampons or conventional ones, providing a transparent list of ingredients, and reassuring that we put people over profit, we are giving women clearer, more viable options for the way they manage their periods.

While tampon delivery is an option that relieves women of those inevitable middle-of-the-night tampon runs, what works for one woman doesn’t work for all of us. Recently, Cora also became available in Target. Why? So that you—and every other woman interested in organic tampons—can choose the method that works best for you. With everything in life, having a choice makes all the difference.

Tampon Delivery is an Experience—and That’s the Way We Like It

Speaking of having a choice, how often do you eat at a restaurant and take into account the entire experience of eating there? From the taste of the food to the friendliness of your server to the overall ambiance, most people expect to have a pleasing experience that they are going to want to tell their friends about. If they aren’t satisfied, they will take their business elsewhere. Because they have a choice.

How often do you think about your period in the same way? Sure, when you have a not-so-bad period you probably aren’t calling all of your closest girlfriends and announce “My flow is here! I’ve got to tell you about it!” Same goes for when your uterus revolts and gives you cramps that leave you in bed watching Broad City while your friends are out on the town. Still, the experience you have is largely made up of the products you use. If you are using a tampon that causes irritation or a menstrual cup that, though you’re sure you are putting in correctly, leaks all over your favorite Underclub thong, your menstruation experience is likely going to be subpar. This highlights the need for there to be a plethora of choices for period care—enough that every woman has available an option that works for her.

This new age of womanhood means that we value convenience, prioritize having quality options, and, naturally, value the experience that the products we purchase give us. Cora understands this in a real way. This is why providing women with an incredible experience is so important to us. From getting your first box of tampons complete with a vegan leather clutch to store them in, to providing a beautiful tampon box that you aren’t afraid to display on your bathroom counter, we want to make having a period—or at least managing it—something women can actually look forward to.

This is a big task, but it really just begins with recognizing and admiring modern women for all that they do—from bake sales to board meetings—and delving deeper into what really matters to them. By doing this, Cora has been able to create a tampon-delivery service that caters to women’s desire for convenience, choice, and experience and offer customizable options that make managing your period feel a lot more aligned with your life. We can’t make having a period less bloody, but we can help you enjoy it a little more.

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