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Fearless Female: Katie Fritts | Founder + CEO of Underclub

"Underclub empowers women to feel confident and take pride in investing in themselves."


Neighborhood and City: Nopa, San Francisco
Twitter: @underclubco
Instagram: @underclubco
Woman I Admire: Lena Dunham. I’ll also put it out there that I’m a huge fan of the Kardashians- The fact that any personality or brand can remain as newsworthy and relevant as these women for nearly a decade is incredible.
Go-to Outfit: Jumpers, rompers, and dresses. I love anything one-piece.
Can't Live Without Product: Cosabella Dolce thong- one of the most comfortable and sexy pairs of underwear I own.
Cocktail of Choice: A smoky whisky, neat.
Travel Destination You’re Dreaming of: Croatia.
Current Craving: French fries- anytime, all the time.
Best Advice: Intelligence is learned.
Favorite Quote: “Chance only favors a prepared mind.”
De-Stress Technique: Cardio--running, boxing, or biking
Favorite Track On Your Current Playlist: Shut Up and Dance by Walk the Moon
What are the three words that best capture you?
Strong, driven, resilient.
What gets you out of bed in the morning?
Early morning workouts. I set my alarm 10 minutes before I have to be out the door. The rush shortens the pain of waking up early.



Underclub empowers women to feel confident and take pride in investing in themselves. Underwear is our own little secret, and whether anyone else knows what you have on, it’s a powerful feeling to start your day off with something that helps you feel your best.
The initial idea came when I was folding my laundry and a friend laughingly pointed out a ragged pair of underwear so old that it had my initials written on the tag- I never have time to shop for underwear and I’m really picky when I do. After piloting the idea and getting feedback that we helped moms feel beautiful after having kids, and that we created a new avenue for people who’ve had alienating experiences shopping for intimates elsewhere, that’s when I knew this was something big.
I’m a people pleaser, so I take enormous pride in our customer experience- I want every member to love our products and service, probably to a fault. I read every email and review that comes in from our members to know what to enhance, improve or change.
Our level of personalization for each member is insane. Unlike most subscriptions that send out the “June” box that should satisfy the majority of women, we read every single person’s profile and prior reviews to select something just for them.
We’re your secret superpower; your lucky charm. Believing you deserve something and investing in yourself is one of the most powerful confidence boosters.



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