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Fearless Female: Maxie McCoy | Writer + Speaker

Name: Maxie McCoy

Company:  MAXIE, Inc (

Your Role: Writer + Speaker

Neighborhood and City: Russian Hill, San Francisco

Twitter: @maxiemccoy

Instagram: @maxiemccoy

Woman I Admire: Oprah – so much so that I have a devotional candle with her face on it. #fact

Go-to Outfit: For the stage, one of my 5 cobalt blue dresses. For the WFH life: leggings, cowboy boots, and one of my 3 cobalt blue tops. It’s my color ;)

Travel Destination You’re Dreaming of: The northern lights! I just found out they’ll be much harder to see after 2017 so I’m scurrying to plan a trip this season.

Current Craving: Indian masala chai. I’m reading Shantaram right now and it’s making me miss that beautiful country and it’s chai with everything in my bones.

Favorite Quote: “Your success is a direct measure of the expectations of your peer group” -Tony Robbins. Because he nails it on why it’s so insanely important to surround ourselves with people who fiercely believe in us.

Favorite Workout: Surfing. It’s the most spiritual sport...I miss the waves every day I’m not on them. I’m a terrible surfer but as my healer in Bali says, “The best surfer is the one with the biggest smile.”

Maxie McCoy - FF

De-Stress Technique:
Going for strolls outside away from all my digital devices. The fresh eucalyptus air in San Francisco always calms me the hell down.

Favorite Track On Your Current Playlist:
A video I took at the Farmer’s Market of a man and his cello. I can’t get enough it. (
Seriously, listen….isn’t it magical??) It takes me to a heavenly alternate universe. And sadly when I asked him after what song it was he said, “I made it up.” Ha!

What are the three words that best capture you?
Encouraging. Bright. Universe. (I’m obsessed with the #universe. I even made shirts with that hashtag on them for me and my closest 150 friends lol)

What’s the advice you’ve received that you return to over and over again or inspiration? 
Expansion is uncomfortable. I don’t remember who it came from but it helps me remember that the discomfort doesn’t mean I shouldn’t be doing it, it means I’m getting closer to where I want to be.

What gets you out of bed in the morning?
Insane gratitude for another day. It’s always the first thing I do in the morning...I thank the universe for another day to do what I’m on this earth to do.

In your words, what is your company and what is its mission?
I’m on this earth to give women the tools they need to believe in themselves and everything I do through this business is to push that mission forward.

What was the moment you knew you had to create your company?
I was in a cab in Denver, Colorado and I heard this loud whisper to sell everything I own, move to Bali and start this business. It’s been two plus years since then and that was exactly what I did. It was the scariest and most rewarding journey I’ve ever been on.

What parts of yourself are reflected in the soul of the company?
Because this business
is me, there’s probably more of it than the average company. Like anything though, it’s not all of me – but rather the big vulnerabilities I’ve worked through and learned from and the most valuable encouragement, strategies, and support I can give women to anchor them in confidence.

What was your biggest doubt before starting your company?
All of them. Every single one of them. Every doubt you can imagine crossed my mind while taking the leap.
Would I go broke? Do I have what it takes? Are people going to judge me? Will I make a fool of myself? Do I have any idea of what I’m doing? Will this ever actually become the thing I want it to be? Will I make it? The key has been to hear those doubts without listening. I still have many versions of those doubts from time to time but I’ve learned to do what I did when I was beginning which was to act anyways. That courage (because it’s scary as fuck to get into action when those fears are roaring) come from an incredible support system of people who believe in me, from knowing that the worst case scenario is never actually that bad, reminding myself no one actually knows what they’re doing – and above all being rooted in a purpose much bigger than me which is to help all women rise because that’s when this world will improve at a global scale.

What makes your company so different from other companies in your space? There’s a lot of voices, thought leaders, and writers out there that I’ve learned from and are inspired by (Oprah, Danielle Laporte, Brene Brown, etc) and for me a big learning was that I didn’t need to be more like them, I needed to be more like me. If I could focus on being the highest expression of myself, then I’d always be pulling in the right audience and opportunities that would grow my business.

How does your company help women feel more fearless?
Every piece of content, curriculum, video, and message I create is to help women believe in themselves more. When we believe in ourselves we can act in the face of fear – creating change in our lives, achieving dreams, using our voice – and that’s how I define fearless women. Not ones who don’t have fear but ones who don’t let it stop them.

Maxie McCoy - FF

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