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Fearless Female: Joie Kathos

Name: Joie Kathos
Neighborhood and City: West Philly

Livelihood: Performer, Songwriter, Music Producer, Dance Instructor & most importantly BEING MYSELF!

Twitter: @joiekathos

Instagram: @joiekathos

Woman I Admire: My mother

Go-to Outfit: Joie Kathos Hoodie, Joggers, Sneakers

Cocktail of Choice: Strawberry Margarita, (frozen with sugar on the rim)

Travel Destination You’re Dreaming of: Toronto

Current Craving: Tofu Scramble

Best Advice: “Fear not the unknown but rather the consequences of not applying knowledge that is acquired” -Joie Kathos

Favorite Quote: “The best way to navigate through life is to give up all control” - Fortune Cookie

De-Stress Technique: Dancing

Favorite Track On Your Current Playlist: Undercover by Kehlani

What are the three words that best capture you? Innovative, Passionate, Androgynous

What gets you out of bed in the morning?
Dreams of winning a Grammy, Nobel Peace Prize, and wanting to provide a better life for my family.
In your words, what is your brand and what is its mission?
Joie Kathos is my brand (Artist Name, Independent Label & Lifestyle). My mission is to inspire people (specifically women) to be whoever they want to be, and enjoy every minute of it. The name translates to “with joy i am”, and serves as my own person lifestyle and motto.
What was the moment you knew you had to create your brand?
Every single moment I was denied opportunity to better myself.
What parts of yourself are reflected in the soul of the brand?
My style, my thoughts, my vision are all being reflected through my brand. From the dignity I carry, to the resilience I’ve developed while navigating through the music industry’s trials.
What was your biggest doubt before starting your brand?
What makes your brand so different from others in the space?
My brand isn’t just a brand, it’s a lifestyle that everyone can vibe and connect. “Kathos” means as is, or just to be, so in my opinion, anyone can be Joie Kathos. That’s what makes it so cool.
How does your brand help women feel more fearless?
I am a woman fearlessly obtaining goals that our society labels as impossible. Leading by example is how my brand inspired other women to be nothing else but themselves
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