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The first day of your period is day one of your cycle.
Here, it's the beginning of better — body and soul.

Eliminating Fear from Your Period

No matter who we are, where we live, how cultured we are, or how much money we have, we’ve all experienced fears about our periods.

We’re afraid we might leak and leave a stain on the boardroom chair. We’re afraid to carry our tampons to the bathroom in public. We’re afraid of the synthetics in conventional tampons that are linked to Toxic Shock Syndrome, or that the pesticide residues found in non-organic cotton might be poisoning our bodies.

We as women are thinking about our health and wellbeing more than ever, while also juggling the realities of our increasingly complex and busy lives. Our periods can be hard enough without worrying about what chemicals might be in our tampons, whether we might leak through our pants, or when we might need to make an emergency dash to the store (for more tampons or a new pair of pants).

For a girl in a developing country, she’s afraid the rags, mud, or old newspaper she’s using won’t work, and she’ll leak on her school uniform in front of her classmates, causing her humiliation and shame. She’s afraid she’ll have to stay home or drop out of school, even though her education is her greatest hope for a better future.  

Cora’s mission is simple: remove women’s fears when it comes to periods.

I don’t want any woman to go another month using products that pollute her body or misalign with her active, healthy, busy lifestyle.

I also want to know that there are millions of young girls around the world in classrooms, feeling confident and fearless, during their periods.

What started as a desire to help a girl in need has evolved into a movement for all women--for our bodies and for peace of mind during our periods. Cora has created a holistic solution to the issues we women face when managing our periods:

BODY: 100% organic cotton tampons in BPA-free plastic applicators that are safe, healthy, and actually work
    EXPERIENCE: Accessories designed to make managing your period simple and sophisticated
+ convenient home delivery, so you never have to worry about buying tampons again
    CAUSE: A month’s supply of sustainable pads given to a girl in need in a developing country for every monthly supply of Cora purchased by a woman in the U.S.

      Your period is a natural process--not something to be afraid of. That is why we believe “that time of the month” should never be a source of shame, harm, or uncertainty. But instead, an opportunity to instill confidence, pride, and reverence for the awesome power of the female body. 

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