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The first day of your period is day one of your cycle.
Here, it's the beginning of better — body and soul.


When I sat down, in a rush of inspiration, to write our company manifesto, I wasn’t sure what would come of it.

How could I capture the vastness and the essence of Cora and our movement for women? How could I convey the intensity of our struggle in this society, at this time in our history? Our resolve? Our inherent beauty, perfection, and strength?

If I told you I labored over this for months, editing and re-editing and sending to copywriters for revisions, you’d probably believe me. But the truth is, I wrote this in one sitting—feeling completely in the flow of my life and the life of this company. And I was surprised as anyone at what came forth—effortless and fully formed. It’s not perfect, but it’s real and true and it’s straight from the center of me, to you and all fearless women everywhere.


Live your life according to the fire inside you. Do only things for which you have so much passion that it hurts not to do them. Stay true to your desires and how you want to live. Convention and history are someone else’s truths—live fully in your own. And if you don’t have one yet, just know that you are powerful beyond your wildest notions—live in that truth until you uncover yours. 
Be brave enough to be honest, human, and vulnerable—it will free your soul. Speak up for yourself and for all of us—with your words, your money, your actions. Silence implicitly affirms that we—our bodies, our health, our dignity, and the inherent worth of our womanhood—are not deserving of the conversation. But don’t just lean in, rise up. Head lifted, shoulders back, chin up, heart open. Make a commitment to stand relentlessly with other women and girls, even those you may never meet—they are your sisters, and whether you know it or not, our fates are tied.
 Love your body. And if you can’t love it yet, just show it compassion. Nourish it. Protect it. Respect its vast intelligence enough to stop poisoning it with chemicals and processed shit. If it’s not organic, it’s toxic. Banish the unnatural. Go eco. Relinquish the belief that your body is a monstrous rogue to be controlled—it is a force of nature to be revered. Feel no shame. Feel good even if you feel bad—know that the pain is just part of the big cosmic privilege of being the life-giving forces of the universe. We’re strong, we can take it.
Get acquainted with your flow. Cozy up to your cycle. Experience the seasons happening inside of you. Feed your body, mind, and spirit at all times, but especially at the time each month when you need it most. Be kind to yourself. Breathe deeply. Rest. We want you to thrive, and feel like the goddess that you are—wild and free. You belong here, we’ve been waiting for you, and we will stand together to transform the experience of womanhood worldwide, woman for woman and month for month.
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